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Rossi, "the new machine does not bang" Yamaha "has changed the sp








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โพสต์เมื่อ 25-11-2018 00:16:01 |ดูโพสต์ทั้งหมด
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Valentino Rossi, an Italian veteran from Yamaha Motor Company, has revealed that he has no confidence in the new engine being tested. Post-season test at Valencia, although the team met Mateevli Beyles will be the fastest and pointed out that "his fight" is not perfect for real competition.

The Yamaha team delivered two different engines in the middle of last week. With Valencia testing by two team-mates Valentino Rossi and Mavierei Beale, and they will continue to work to compare these two engines in the next. Tested at the Chevreu next week.

Cristiano Ronaldo made the fastest time of the two-day test in Valencia, while Rossi finished first in third and second in 9th, behind the 0.6 second team.

Rossi stated that Day 2 testing was slightly more difficult than the first. The Italian treadmill revealed that the problem of the M1 has long been the life of the tire is running out of time. Still available when testing a real match.

"We have a very different machine. I have to try to understand clear. With repeated testing, it really did not have much effect, "Rossi said through the media after the test on Wednesday. "I feel it is very similar."

"The engine on Tuesday was very different to last year. I mean for the race. But the engine on Wednesday is similar. Machine of the very Tuesday. "

"We will continue to work hard on this test in the test at the Xerez. It is another interesting field for understanding. And decide what is best. What to do to make the best for Yamaha. "

"However, in the new tire test is not quite right. But after some tests passed, we started experiencing problems. And our fight is not perfect. "

"For the test, we will test the original engine. So we will work the same steps there. To try to understand that one of two engines can be our best engine. And then we have to wait until the test again in February. "

Rossi pointed out that Yamaha is still able to introduce another engine. If it is not possible to find a working engine that satisfies this test milestone.สมัครufabet

"We still have time for another spec engine. But I do not know if Yamaha has a plan or if it's not good in the February test. They can still run things better, "Rossi said.

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